One Client

Introducing OneClient...

The 40+ member organizations of the Employment Sector Council London-Middlesex (ESCLM) are proud to introduce OneClient Standards: a model to evaluate and measure the performance and operations of its employment service delivery agencies. Adherence to OneClient Standards ensures our network offers a high quality, client-focused continuum of services and gives assurance that all our clients are treated with the same standard of respect and quality of service, regardless of which ESCLM organization they enter.  

OneClient Standards are the high-water mark of verification of front-line and back-office operations for Non-Profit and Public Employment Service providers. Agencies who have implemented these Standards realize improved intake, service delivery and efficiency. When agencies achieve OneClient certification, it means job seekers are assured that they’ll be treated with professionalism, respect and have access to the best program, and that they will be referred to the best services to meet their needs. It also means employers and HR Managers gain access to a high quality field of qualified candidates and can feel confident they are interviewing the best available job seekers in their community.

ESCLM is highly regarded by the government agencies that fund and deliver employment, apprenticeship and skills training services. Our OneClient Standards represent the only quality assurance system for the Ontario Employment Services sector, and we are rolling these out across other communities in Ontario.  As a leading practice in the industry, OneClient aligns and strengthens employment and training services to clients, agencies and employers.

ESCLM OneClient supports developing resources, tools, best practices and ways to effectively measure outcomes for exceeding Employment Ontario and/or other government funded program objectives of consistency and continuous improvement. 

OneClient is supported by over 20 years of ESCLM Excellence and Innovation:

   - A “No Wrong Door” model of service delivery

   - Common Assessment Process training for best client service

   - Shared information and governance platforms

   - Community, economic and workforce development planning