Project details

The Job Developers Network has been supported by an ESCLM Labour Market Partnership project, "Community Collaborative Approaches to Job Development", since late 2014.

The purpose of the project has been to increase outcomes for job seekers and the resource choices for employers who are seeking employees, while building a well-articulated job development model. The project has explored the significant benefits of collaboration among job developers. These benefits include better employment and retention outcomes, greater efficiency and capacity for individual agencies, increased professionalization and consistency among job developers, increased credibility and reputation of service providers and job developers among employers, increased willingness of employers to use service providers and job developers, and increased numbers of job seekers willing to access the services of employment service providers.

Several agencies and institutions have supported ESCLM and the Job Developers Network during the project, including the City of London, the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board, Literacy Link South Central, London Economic Development Corproation, Ministry of Community and Social Services, United Way of London-Middlesex, Fanshawe College, G.A. Wheable Centre for Adult Education and LIUNA Local 1059, as well as individual member agencies of ESCLM and the JDN and their staff and volunteers.


Funding for the project has been provided by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

White paper

A significant accomplishment of the project has been the publication of the white paper entitled, "Community Collaborative Approaches to Job Development" (PDF). The paper involved research and investigation into collaboration among job developers in Ontario, analysis of 28 case studies, and an explanation of the benefits of collaboration. It has been distributed to job developers, government agencies, ESCLM members, and related non-profit organizations.

Other accomplishments

The project has witnessed the significant expansion of the Job Developers Network and its activities. Our FINAL REPORT to MTCU details our many resources and findings.