About the JDN


Established in 2011 by the ESCLM, the Job Developers Network (JDN) is a forum for job developers from 16 non-profit employment agencies in the London area to meet, discuss and share information, solve problems, and create solutions, in order to promote collaborative service delivery to job seekers and employers. 

Research has shown that collaboration among job developers can produce significant benefits, including increased organizational capacity, smoother service delivery and inter-agency referrals, and a more cohesive voice and vision for employment services in a community.


The JDN supports its mission with the following:

Sharing of job postings:  Job developers across the London area can help each other fill job orders with screened and qualified candidates, and employers have access to the most and best possible candidates in the London area.

Member professional development and networking: Members regularly meet to exchange information, promote their agencies and learn about industry events and developments.  Members thereby enjoy access to the best practices in their field.

Effective governance: The JDN’s day-to-day activities are supported by two co-chairs and an ESCLM project manager, and are governed by Terms of Reference and a Memorandum of Agreement.  The JDN is supported by community partners and is funded by the City of London’s Prosperity Plan.  Many members contribute to the JDN’s success by volunteering on sub-committees.

Collaborative activities: These include Job Fairs and other events where members can strengthen their relationships with employers and promote their candidates.

Research and Analysis: The JDN has conducted research and produced an industry-leading white paper, “Community Collaborative Approaches to Job Development”.  Click here to download the paper.


If you are a job developer in London or the surrounding area, we would love to have you as a member!  To join the JDN or learn more, please contact us at info@esclm.ca.