De-Escalating Difficult Situations Workshop


Wed, 08/03/2016 - 15:37



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“De-Escalating Difficult Situations” workshop

Friday August 19, 2016

1pm to 4pm

Room 502, The Skill Centre (141 Dundas, Market Lane Entrance)

Cost is $25.00 (Refreshments provided)

This interactive session will provide participants with practical tips and strategies to bring back to the workplace as well as opportunities for hands-on practice of techniques covered. Our Career Practitioner facilitators will include scenarios that are reflective of common experiences encountered in your interactions with the public.

Participants will learn to identify signs of emotional escalation, common causes/events leading to escalation, a levels-of-escalation model, and some appropriate responses to employ at each level.

Facilitators: Katherine Krakowski, YOU; Lisa Rusal, Fanshawe College; Lorraine Darnbrough, WIL

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