LMI - History & Development

ESCLM has been working since 2010 with London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board (EMOWPDB), Fanshawe College, and Western University to develop a Labour Market Information Knowledge System (LMIKS) for Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford and the City of London. The LMIKS is a community-based data consortium to support the coordinated collection and dissemination of local economic data, business conditions, and labour market information (LMI). 

As the ESCLM network well knows, local labour market information is critical to understanding the supply and demand of any workforce, and London’s LMIKS Project is building a shared system to provide sustained LMI to assist employers, job seekers, students support agencies, labour, government, and educators. Its worktrends.ca website seeks to provide clear, consistent, relevant LMI that can inform and direct with an on-going process for its collection, analysis and dissemination.

With support from LEDC and funding through the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges  & Universities, ESCLM has recently designed and delivered training for our community’s employment and guidance counsellors in the use of labour market information (LMI) to better assist individuals in employment and career planning.  This new ESCLM “Labour Market Information (LMI): A Common Approach” curriculum and training was launched in 2013 and is a key component of the overall LMIKS and our community’s interest in accessing relevant and accurate local labour market information. .